1:: Ignite Intimacy Podcast Intro Episode ~ We’re going IN!

Welcome to this brand spanking new podcast created to dive deep into the topics of intimacy, romantic relationships and sexuality and the all of everything that connects, aligns and intersects with these topics! Join me, your host, Ms. LAH and my enticing, brilliant, courageous, and sometimes freaky guests as we explore taboo subjects that many of us think or fantasize about, but may not openly talk about or share with our friends and loved ones.

Here’s the deal.. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of relational experiences, and the energies of romantic love, intimacy and sexuality. Discovering all of the layers that these topics create in our lives and the complexities of our relationship to these topics fascinates me! In January 2016, as I was one month into my first ever ‘Man Pause’ an energy larger than me began pulling me forward to explore all of these topics on a much larger scale.

As I began inquiring with friends, family and random strangers one thing became crystal clear.. We, as a collective, don’t seem to be having transparent conversations about these topics enough. So, I figured it was the perfect time to launch the Ignite Intimacy podcast, which will be a container to learn, explore and dive deep into the topics of intimacy, romantic relationships and sexuality on a much larger and deeper scale!

This is for all of the curiosity seekers out there who want to learn more, share and join in on this conversation! It’s getting HOT in here… Ignite Intimacy is officially launched with this introduction to the podcast!!!

**Heads up that Ignite Intimacy focuses on adult subject matter. If you’re listening to this podcast with little ones within ear shot, we suggest you listen with headphones! Also, if you’ve experienced trauma or believe you might get triggered in less than desirable ways by tuning in, we trust that you will make the best decision for yourself about whether or not it’s in your best interest to listen to this podcast. Our intention is to provide a platform where we can have an open dialogue about subjects that are generally considered taboo. Official disclaimer at IgniteIntimacy.com**

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