5 :: Exploring the idea of “sweet surrender” with Diana M. Joice

Episode Description:

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Diana M. Joice via the interwebs for a vibrant Ignite Intimacy conversation all the way from her home in Germany!

We dive into the power of acknowledging, facing and claiming our shadow, you know, the darkest sides of ourselves that many of us like to ignore or keep hidden (or locked) behind closed doors, as a way to embrace ourselves fully and wholly so that we can have more dynamic, powerful and juicy intimate and sexual experiences in our lives!

Diana also shares a special treat with us towards the end that is hot, real, sacred and raw. This is an episode you definitely want to experience!

Diana M. Joice – BIO

Diana M JoiceDiana M. Joice is a master facilitator and guide for initiation into the arts of sacred intimacy. Blending her expertise and training in NLP, Tao, Tantra, Jungian Analysis, White Goddess Training, and the Science of Bonding, Diana is a catalyst for those committed to breaking through their deepest barriers to union and connection.

She is an expert in guiding high achievers to heal, transcend and deepen their relationships through mind blowing sex, soul deep intimacy and heartfelt understanding of themselves and their partners.

Many of her clients are powerhouses, confident, successful women who want relationships dripping of desire and burning with juiciness. To finally reach a space inside that allows surrender and freedom and carefreeness… and INTIMACY!

Check out Diana’s website for more juicy intimate goodness! http://dianamjoice.com/

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