3 :: Courageous Relational Explorer with Dana Saylor

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Join Dana Saylor and I as we dispel the myth and dive deep into her experience with marriage, open relationships and what’s possible when you’re truly transparent

Dana Saylor is a 21st century woman and dynamic being living in these powerful times, although she could have easily lived in the 1950’s with her energy and savvy. She is an artist, historian, and event planner… a ‘creative place maker’! Which is a blanket term that she uses to define art, historical research, event planning, and the consulting she offers community organizations to bring more juice to local events in innovative ways. She is most definitely a leader who respects both cultural history and architectural history. She is also a visual artist depicting architecture and other things as well. Dana and I dive into her own experience being a married woman who decided to broach the topic of open relationships with her husband and what happened as a result. She turns me on to the Kinsey Scale, and how to be transparent and open about our own sexual orientation, our desires and fantasies. We dive into non negotiables, the power of alone time, online dating and ‘swipe’ culture, and more! Are you ready to dispel the myth with Dana and I? Then tune in NOW!

Dana Saylor – BIO

Photo Credit: John Carocci

Photo Credit: John Carocci

Dana Saylor is an artist, historian and creative event planner. She leverages her experience in architectural and public history, as well as tactical urbanism and preservation, to assist communities with placemaking projects.

Find Dana and learn more about her projects, consulting and art online at DanaSaylor.com and EveryBuildinginBuffalo.com She is also a Vice President and Co-Founder of Emerging Leaders in the Arts in Buffalo, NY and a member of the Young Buffalo Preservationists and you can find her on Facebook at @UrbanSketchersBuffalo


3 :: Courageous Relational Explorer with Dana Saylor — 2 Comments

  1. Wow!!! So many lessons to be learned from this discussion. Truly Laura has life experience and a gift for sharing her lessons without judgement (self or outward) and I’m so grateful for this new outlet which will allow us to tap into her and her circle of amazingly talented, courageous and inspiring friends and acquaintances.

    It takes a rare skill to be able to open up a raw discussion about sensuality, sexuality and relationships…Laura has done that in a way that anyone can relate, learn and grow from. Truly grateful for the amazing energy you’ve captured here and I can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve.

    • Give thanks for tuning in and sharing your comments Amy!! Feels good to be *seen* :)) I’m grateful that I had the courage to put this out here and for my guests to have the courage to speak transparently about their own lives, experiences and opinions!

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