World premier of the official music video for my song ‘We Stand Strong’


Blessings in Love Worldwide Family!

It is an HONOR to share my first music video with you!!!

This song, ‘We Stand Strong,’ came through me during a writing session with my good friend, the amazingly talented Mike Corey. It was inspired by a conflict that was happening at that time between Israel and Palestine.

Check it out, share it and spread the peace forward vibrations! I desire for this song and video to be an inspiration to YOU to trust and know that World Peace IS possible in our lifetime.

Watch it here:

‘We Stand Strong’ Official Music Video from Laura Aiisha on Vimeo.

Big UP the refugees, all those affected on any level by war/violence, and ALL who are taking a stand for peace.

This video is Livicated to:

Our Ancestors, The Elders
All of the lives lost & affected by war & violence
And all Prisoners of War
Those living in war
Those taking a stand for Peace and Justice on the daily
And for all Refugees Worldwide!!!

Big up River Nile Media in Buffalo, NY for putting together this powerful video!

Want to locate the video on vimeo? You’ll find it HERE.

Get ‘We Stand Strong’ on your playlist. Purchase my debut CD ‘I AM’.

Highly BLESS!!

Your Sistar,

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World premier of the official music video for my song ‘We Stand Strong’ — 12 Comments

  1. Good for you Laura! The many conflicts around the world weigh so heavy on my heart, thank you for giving me another way to “pray for peace.”

  2. so inspiring! I have been listening to your album a few times per week and the last few days have been waking up with one of your songs playing in my mind! Loving it! thank you for sharing your heArt

    • Give thanks Jenn!!! This is sooo wonderful to hear. You are a powerful Empress and it brings my so much joy that you are feeling the music and that it’s filling your life and beingness in beautiful uplifting ways!! xox

    • Give thanks Janice!!! Your love and support on this journey has been INVALUABLE!!! YOU are a STAR and it is an honor to journey with you! xox

    • Give thanks Sophia!!! Your love and support along the way have made all the difference… you were there when I did my first ever, totally on the fly spoken word piece. What a trip!! Loving and honoring you Empress!

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