The Haykel Twins 7 Day Song Challenge Day 1: Laura’s song Hey, Hey, Hey!!!

I’m super stoked to announce that my twin sistar Sarah, our friend & colleague Kathleen and I embarked on a 7 Day Song challenge which started yesterday, March 1st!!

This is my first song challenge and it feels sooo good to be stepping into this.. and scary! As an emerging singer it took everything I had to muster the courage to start singing in front of people in my early 30’s.

Now.. it feels both totally amazing and really scary to be opening up and sharing these freestyle flows that channel through me from source with, well… the world!

If the term ‘Song Challenge’ is new for you.. allow me to share my twin sistar Sarah’s words here and bring you up to speed:

A “Song Challenge” is an awesome opportunity for you and me to share our creative genius and channel the love-light vibrations that are constantly coming through us in song!

Each human being is a unique channel for inspiration and energy coming from the Universe, or you may call it God/Goddess, JAH, Allah, Shiva, Krishna, Shakti, Great Creator, Creatress, etc., etc. Since we’re all unique, unique expressions of Source come through us!

The “Song Challenge” is a way to share this gift without letting too much busyness in our lives get in the way of being creative and sharing it with the world!

Click here to listen to my first song: “Hey Hey Hey.” It’s all about sharing your LOVE and LIGHT in your own unique ways, living in unity, and living life with this powerful question in heart and mind: “What are YOU choosing today?”

If you’d like to join us on this challenge all you have to do is

  1. Open a account (if you don’t have one already),
  2. Upload your song
  3. Post your song to your Facebook wall and anywhere else you’d like!!
  4. Be sure to tag me, Laura Aiisha, The Haykel Twins and Salsa Sarah so we can hear it!

I can’t wait! Check out my songs, as well as my sister’s and Kathleen’s on our Facebook page: The Haykel Twins.

Keep on choosing to shine your light and share it with the world! WE NEED YOU!!!

And… stay tuned, there will be info on how you can join us for our next song challenge in a few months!

Enjoy my first song of this 7 Day Challenge by clicking here now!

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