Want to create less anxiety and more positivity in your life?

Let me begin by taking a moment to celebrate this year… 2014 has been highly challenging, magical, synchronistic and heart and mind blowing in so many ways. This year Life is requiring me to step up and stretch in ways I’ve never stretched before. It’s been intense, awesomely amazing and a little bit of everything else!

Can you relate?!!

I’m so thankful that I’ve been filling my bucket with simple tools that I can use in challenging times, which remind me moment to moment to trust and surrender to the Divine Universal Flow.

When I remember to use these tools (sometimes I conveniently forget), it’s truly amazing to be able to tap into a source of support, energy, and love that’s always here, and to acknowledge and trust my own divine knowing.

I recorded this vlog to share a challenge I’ve been experiencing this summer, which I believe many of you can relate to. I’ve been struggling with ideas, feelings, perceptions, and anxiety around my physical appearance, which has directly affected my own self worth.

Check out the video below to hear my story and how I’m moving from anxious to ACTIVATED, worried to ALIGNED and powerless to EMPOWERED!

You know I LOVE to hear from you… so please share your reflections, experiences and responses in the comments section below this post.

What are you choosing NOT to do… that WHEN you DO IT, it will create more peace, alignment and good energy in your life?

I’m sooo thankful to be able to ride the wave of life together with you!!

Highly Bless and Lots of LOVE

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Want to create less anxiety and more positivity in your life? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Laura, I am an older mom and a short lady. I live on a tropical island where women of all shapes in sizes show what their momma’s gave them because they are born with this confidence that I wish I had. As I have gotten older and I have breasts (A for a long time) I am at a point where I need to keep healthy for one simple reason, my daughter. I walk with our dog and I run with our daughter. And just when I think, I can’t run anymore, I look at how our daughter keeps going. She is a motivating factor to eat better and do some physical activity even if it is walking for an hour with our dog.

    • This is awesome Lucy. I hear you. I go to places like Jamaica and Senegal West Africa and witness the women, all shapes and sizes, owning what they’ve got. They don’t try to hide it… the BE it, and there is something so empowering and inspiring about this. I too have a daughter who has given me strength, motivation and inspiration when I feel that I’ve been sucked dry… what a great blessing it is to be on this wild, wonderful and transformational journey 😉 Give thanks for tuning in here on this conversation!! xox

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