This one is for Mystic..

I had one of those tender reminders about the sacredness of life this past weekend.

I’ve had a friend these last 8 years named Mystic.  And honestly, she was more than a friend.  She was a Soul SiSTAR, an Angel, a Guide; she was Family to me.

I know you know what I’m talking about.. you’ve got friends like this too, right?!

I met Mystic in the ladies room at B.B. King’s Blues Club in NYC.  I was singing in my stall (which I frequently do) because I hadn’t yet mustered up the courage to sing in front of others publicly.  When I came out of the stall Mystic was there washing her hands.  She was tall with chocolate skin and beautiful dreadlocks, dressed beautifully (she always dressed so funky, fresh and stylish), she was Regal.  She said, ‘You’ve got a beautiful voice!’ We introduced ourselves and began building our friendship.

My friendship with Mystic was deep, she was a light and a guiding force in my life. She was filled with this peaceful power and presence, highly intuitive, creative (a singer and actress), she loved yoga and eating well for her body.

We lost touch after I left NYC 7 years ago and reconnected again 2.5 years ago when I discovered that they found tumors on her brain which they had surgically removed.  The surgery seemed successful however, the radiation left her physically weak, and although the tumors were gone, she continued to have seizures.

Mystic fought the good fight, she stayed positive, ate well, watched uplifting things on TV/Netflix, listened to good music, continued to practice yoga and take care of herself.  It wasn’t easy for her, but she held the vision that she would be walking without a walker, out on the street, going to dance class and working on her music again, on her own terms.

I received word that Mystic was back in the hospital a few months ago.  There were more tumors and a straight real talk tone in her voice as she told me the news.

Mystic transitioned on Saturday morning.

And it struck me to think about the things that she desired to experience, to be, to have in this life, dreams unfulfilled.  And how regardless of not having some of those things, she rose from her bed every day and put on her best attitude, presence and kept holding that vision.

I found myself powerfully reminded of how precious life is and how important it is to live our lives fully, to go for our dreams and to no longer waste one more frickin’ second feeling shitty about ourselves or our lives!!  Are you WITH ME?!!

Now, I’d love to knowwhat is one thing that you desire to be, experience, feel in this life before you transition?

And when/how/where will you take a stand for this desire and dream to start to come true?

Please share your reflections with me below so that we can all hold this vision with and for you!

And you know that I know and you also know (for sure) that it takes a village… so please join me in sending Love, Light, Peace & Grace to her family and to her beautiful Spirit.. May she SHINE ON ForEVER and fly freely with the Angels.

I Love you Mystic.  Give thanks for touching my life in this incredible way and for showing me what true friendship is all about. 

Goddess * Empress * Bless

Now don’t waste another second!  Shine your LOVE LIGHT on the daily and remember to count your blessings!!  I’ll do the same 😉

Sending the biggest Love & Light from me to you.. 

Forever your Gemini Soul SiSTAR,



This one is for Mystic.. — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for your continued inspiration! I wholeheartedly that today is the day, make it count! My vision is to create a meeting space for holistic practitioners to share their beautiful gifts with everyone. That dream is occurring now as I am coordinating the opening of two centers for transformational wellness! I had envisioned one space, but left it up to the Universe and this is where I was brought. I am so grateful for the many blessing in my life, including the incredibly amazing people I now call friends! Namaste’ my friend.

    • YES EMPRESS!!! Giving sooo much thanks! It is an honor and a pleasure to witness your life’s unfolding 🙂 SHINE ON and THANK YOU for taking a stand for healthfullness and wealthfullness here in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas!

  2. Oh Mystic. Yes, a beautiful soul indeed. I have tears streaming down my face reading your writing Laura. Beautifully said and what a way to honor such a special soul and spirit. What a great way you two met as well.

    Last year, Mystic and I talked about love. She told me about OG Mandineo and his book, “The Greatest Salesman on Earth”. I still haven’t checked this book out, maybe I shall. She told me of something he said in this book about Love and that she woke up everyday with a prayer about love: asking to be guided to loving herself and all others, greeting everyone and everything with love.

    I love you Mystic and am so grateful for our brief and indelible time together!

    Love, Sarah

    • Wow.. I am touched by your reflections here Sarah. Give thanks for sharing and for the reminder of what a love conscious being Mystic is. Her spirit is around us.. reminding us of love. I am so thankful that you had a chance to meet Mystic and that we all (you, Kaya and I) had a chance to be with her at her apartment in Manhattan a few years ago. Perhaps I’ll check out this book too. I love you and I love Mystic… Give thanks!! Here’s to the Love within and around us all..

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