The 4 keys to facing your BIGGEST fears

I’m curious about something.. Are you afraid of spiders or other creepy crawlers?  Me, myself and I grew up terrified of bugs, especially spiders, and have come a loooong way from the days that I would go into a deep trembling fear when I spotted a spider nearby.  Last week I had an opportunity to face this fear once again while I was downstairs in my basement.  I moved a laundry basket and this huge (huge for Buffalo!) black spider ran out into the middle of the floor.

I was on the phone with my amazing Goddess Warrioress friend Georgette Star and screamed, ‘Oh sh*t.. there is this HUGE black spider in my basement!!’  She asked if she should let me go to deal with the spider.. I said no.  It will be better for me to have her ON the phone, you know, for moral support. 

Black Widow Spider --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

So I devised my plan and prepared.  First, I put a large tupperware container over the spider, to keep it from running away. I went upstairs and opened the side door, put on the dishwashing gloves and my sneakers.  I was ready to bring that spider out into the wilderness where it belongs!  So Georgette and I (she was on the phone remember!)went back down to the basement, I grabbed a piece of cardboard and took a deep breath.  I told Georgette, ‘Ok, here I go!’  And I pushed the cardboard under the container and successfully trapped the spider inside.

 As I was running up the stairs to liberate this big ass spider from my house I was saying to myself, ‘Laura, you are sooo brave, sooo brave!  I’m sooo proud of you Laura!! I love you, you are sooo brave!!’ And then, in an instant, I was releasing the spider onto the dirt as I cheered myself on for stepping forward in the face of fear and doing something I felt was in alignment with myself and life (releasing the spider outdoors instead of squashing it!)  


Here are a few things that I realized through this experience:

1. It pays to be prepared.  I noticed that I had more confidence and felt way more relaxed
pulling off this task!

2. Positively affirming myself gave me the courage to move forward powerfully and to pull it off without a hitch

3. Moral support from a loving friend is absolutely priceless!

4. There is no need to deny the fear, and by allowing it to be present while being compassionate with myself created space for me to relate to fear in a new empowering way!

What is ONE WAY that you will face a fear today and move forward anyways? Or ..Tell me about a fear that you’ve faced, how you prepared and what you experienced as a result!I want to hear from you!

Leave your comments below and I look forward to connecting with you here! Giving thanks and sending BIG Luscious Springtime Love your way!


The 4 keys to facing your BIGGEST fears — 3 Comments

  1. I LOVE the tips and pointers from this exercise and ROCK ON! You are Brave, in more ways than this 🙂 I love you and receiving the warm, spring breezes!

    Love, Sarah

    • Yipeee!! What an honor to journey with you in this life My SiSTAR!!! Give thanks for checking in here and reflecting so beautifully 🙂 xx

  2. Peace, Laura…

    Your spider story reminded me of a story I heard when I first embraced Islam, more than 30 years ago. I heard that story and I have never feared nor killed a spider since. While fleeing from his enemies, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), hid in a cave with his friend, Abu Bakr. Allah (G_D), told a spider to build a web at the cave’s entrance. A very short time later, when the enemies came to the cave, they saw an unbroken web that was so big and so intricate, they just couldn’t imagine that anyone would be hiding inside. The Prophet’s life was spared by Allah’s Grace.

    Keep up the good work, Laura. Best Blessings!

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