Navigating the Funk

Feeling Funky?  Have the Monday blues?  Having a moment of feeling ‘unsure’ about where you’re going with your business? You’re not alone.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a motivational or inspirational rut – it happens. Often times this can lead to you not wanting to “show up” either emotionally or otherwise in your personal or professional lives.  While taking a personal day may be necessary, there may be other people or priorities that need your attention.

We’ve all been there. The holidays are over, and maybe you’re feeling a little funky and struggling with getting back into your groove. Everyone has those times when motivation and energy can be low, especially when you’re juggling many things at once .

Check out my latest vlog post discussing how I was feeling this past Monday and how I was able to take care of and empower myself to show up when I really wasn’t feeling it.

When you’re feeling funky, how do you allow yourself to be vulnerable and accept who you are, where you are, and what you are waking up to bring forth into the world each day?

What are your tricks to get movin’ and groovin’ when you just want to hide in bed all day?  Tweet me at @iflourish2, comment in the blog, or better yet send me a video response!!

Peace, Love & Highly Bless,

– Laura

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