I don't brag about having this skill anymore..

Over the years I’ve found that there are skills and behaviors that I’ve developed out of a need to do all that I felt needed to be done in order to ‘hold it all together’ or to ‘be a great success.’

These skills and beliefs have assisted me in managing life as a single mom, freelance consultant and now Mompreneur with two businesses and a full life!

As I grow on my own evolutionary transformational journey though, I’m realizing that some of these skills, habits and beliefs are no longer serving me in what I truly desire to experience on the day to day.  One ‘skill’ in particular is multitasking.


A while back I started to realize how multitasking was taking me away from the present moment, keeping me totally distracted to things that are really important to me, I realized that I wasn’t being the best listener, Mother, Friend etc.

I also realized that the need to multitask really came from a deep limiting belief riding on a wave of fear that ‘If I don’t manage all of the hundreds of tasks in my life right now, I’ll never ‘make it’ or ‘get there.’

My first life coach Julie Cramer (she’s INCREDIBLE) was the first person to hold up the mirror for me around multitasking.  She got me thinking about how jamm packed my life was and how I was responsible for jamm packing it!  Thus, leading me into this crazy multitasking behavior and a feeling of never having enough time to get everything done.

I had a several months last fall where I had released the need to multitask.  It felt GREAT!  I felt more relaxed and more at ease, fully focused and present for my work and my life.  Recently though, I’ve found myself getting into this old fear based behavior of multitasking. And it’s definitely NOT serving my life right now.

I’m curious, how many of you can relate to what I’m sharing here?

If you can relate, then I have a challenge and invitation for you.  I’ve decided to go on a 30 day multitasking CLEANSE 🙂  It’s starting TODAY and I invite you to take the leap and join me via the Facebook group by clicking HERE

Here is what you can do next:

1. Post in the comments below that you’ve signed up for the 30 day multitasking cleanse

2. Include ONE THING that you will do to assist you today or this week in releasing one aspect of your multitasking behaviors

3. Introduce yourself on the Facebook page and share the one thing you are doing today or this week to be more present in your life

4. Invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your own blog/website to join this multitasking cleanse!  Together we stand STRONG!!

I can’t wait to hear about your journey, and i’ll be sure to update you via the Facebook page, my newsletter and blog about how this cleanse is transforming my own life and experience.

My first action step is to close Facebook while I’m working on or in my businesses.

What’s yours?


I don't brag about having this skill anymore.. — 4 Comments

  1. Laura, this is great. I no longer multitask ( unless you include reading and eating sometimes). I had learned in my years becoming the woman that I am that this was something that did not serve me. Like you I prefer to remain in the present. You become so much more effective when you do so,allowing you to truly be a blessing to those around you. store those important, and not so important tasks in my brain.I do keep a notebook and a daily to do list, that way I do not have to store those important, and not so important tasks in my brain. I cheer you on and any who will commit to this challenge!

    • Congratulations Jill! It takes willpower, courage, mindfulness and clarity to release multitasking and choose to be more present in your life, for your life. Give thanks for sharing your experience here! I’m so glad we’re connected now 🙂

  2. Awesome! Here’s to focusing! I heard a Stanford U researcher in neurology interviewed recently on NPR, and he was saying that the brain doesn’t even multitask, especially with technology (holding your baby and picking grapes and talking to another human being – okay! Emailing and listening to the radio and working on a proposal – not so much). I’ve always felt that focusing was one of my strongest skills supporting productivity.

    • Wow.. I love this Janet. Give thanks for sharing about the neurology researcher from Stanford. So interesting that we can multitask when it comes to human to human interaction and activities, but when technology comes into the mix it doesn’t flow. Here’s to the power of Focus!!

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