I am one of the One Billion Rising

Greetings community! I’m writing to share about an event that I co~created with a group of incredible women here in Buffalo, NY on V-day (Valentine’s day) in support f Eve Ensler’s V-day, #OneBillionRising movement and an end to violence against Women, Girls and all beings Universally.

Let me back track a little bit… i’ve been wanting to organize an event in support of V-day for years. It’s been on my rotating calendar of things I want to do but keep putting off because life was feeling so full.

When I found myself on an email chain reaching out to bring together organizers for a One Billion Rising event here in Buffalo with other women I knew locally and some I hadn’t yet met, I was thrilled. I’d finally be getting active and doing something in support of a cause that I feel empoweringly passionate about. A cause that is real and ready for global transformation.

The organization process was touch and go, women were overwhelmed with their already busy schedules, some got sick, had jobs, children and other priorities and responsibilities that seemed to cause the process to feel at times like it was moving at a snails pace. As people were joining our OBR and Facebook events daily, there was uncertainty about our event, thoughts about ditching it and joining other events locally… I wasn’t having it!! I knew it would be super amazing and powerful to hold our event in a public area, rain or shine, and put a stake in the ground for our stand for peace, safety and surety for all beings everywhere.

A core group of us got together, nailed out the details and voila.. the energy picked up and this ball of co~creative juicy empowered excitement energy and anticipation grew larger than us as we got closer and closer to V-day!

And the result of saying YES, showing up and taking a STAND evolved into this glorious, uplifting, empowering, fun, engaging, educational community event, in the rain, 35 degrees, in Buffalo, NY, 60+ people, music, dancing, singing and co~creating a collective vision of the world WE are committed to experiencing in our lives and for the generations to come! How does it get any better than that?!

Below is a video that I recorded right before I headed out to join my SiSTARS and other community members down on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY

I’d love to hear where you were, what you were doing on V-day 2013?! Prior to reading this post were you aware of Eve Ensler’s V-day & One Billion Rising worldwide movement to end violence against women and girls?

What stand can you take today to support peace, freedom, safety and surety for all beings everywhere?

Here are a few videos and some pictures from the Buffalo NY Dances with One Billion Rising event:



Giving thanks that you took the time to check~in. Go ahead and post a comment… I know you want to, don’t you?!!! And I know I want to receive, read and reflect your brilliance here at Flourishingnow. 🙂


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    • Give thanks Sherri! It was great to connect with you through the organization of Buffalo’s #OneBillionRising event 🙂 So thankful for all of your support to co~create an empowering and uplifting event!! BLESS UP!

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