Embracing the playfulness of summer.. it's a choice! What are choosing?

Ahhh…. sweet summertime is here and I’m feeling absolutely whelmed (in the best way) with gratitude and love.

So far this summer has been incredible… and intentional.  Last year I stressed, strained, worked, pushed and neglected to play as much as I wanted to, to give myself some freedom from the norm to just chill and be outside more often than not.  I worked away on my to-do list while others were taking vacations, working short weeks and enjoying summer to the fullest…. I told myself.. NOT AGAIN!  I will make family & friends time, play time, travel time and vacation time a priority this summer!


There is a lot of good change that has taken place recently. I also took some time to travel to where many of my good friends, colleagues, and memories are… CALIFORNIA!

It’s been a whirlwind because my daughter, Kaya (who also came out for part of the trip) and I moved into a new place in Buffalo the day after we returned from our trip. It was a calculated risk to move and I am sooo thankful that, despite fears and doubts, I said YES to this heart opening and reality expanding opportunity!  I am so ready to invite in the goodness that this movement will be bring.



My greatest wish this summer is to savor every frickin’ moment!!  Life is precious… nuf said!

Below is a short clip of Kaya & I in Big Sur taking in the beauty of the view at Nepenthe restaurant.

And now you know meI’m curious!!  What ways are you saying YES to the beauty, freedom and playfulness of summer?  Leave a comment below and let us know!


There ain’t nothing like summer sunshine.. I trust you are basking in it!

Until next time…

We remain Highly Blessed!!






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