Commitments, rescheduling, saying yes & saying no

Last week I had an experience where I had scheduled what was to be a catch up call with a woman I had done a program with a few years ago. When Friday morning came around energetically I was not feeling like it was a good day/time to have the call anymore as I have several higher priority items on my list to take care of regarding my businesses and current clients.

I reached out to this woman via email prior to our call to let her know how I was feeling and to ask her about rescheduling. She never got the email and we ended up communicating over Skype chat, where I again let her know that I couldn’t make the call.

She acknowledged me for listening to my guidance and then followed up by saying that I had a commitment where someone else was involved, and to change my agreement last minute was questionable to her, and why would she reschedule, because i’ll probably just do it again.

imgresI actually felt very clear about my decision this morning and bless and release it. However, there is a bigger energy that this experience is bringing up. I’ve always been someone that people can count on… I show up.. on the regular. However, sometimes I do change things last minute or schedule things that i’m not really feeling or that don’t align with my current life goals, energy and trajectory.

Here is what I can take responsibility for.. I knew earlier than 1130am this morning that I couldn’t take this call today.. I could have reached out earlier about rescheduling. Also, I can start to be much clearer with myself when scheduling any type of call or meeting. If it’s not a CLEAR YES as my Sistar Sarah would say, then it’s a definite NO!

My inquiry today is this… When is it OK to reschedule or cancel a prior commitment, appointment, catch up call, client call? Does it matter if it’s just a phone call to check in with a friend, a meeting with a client or prospective client or an actual coffee date or dinner at a physical location? What is the best way to honor my commitments, my time and my intuitive guidance in these situations?

I’d love to hear from you and how you show up with regards to your commitments. What do you do when you need to cancel or reschedule last minute? Please leave a comment in the comment section below 🙂

Give thanks for checking in and as always… I look forward to reading and responding to your comments!!


Commitments, rescheduling, saying yes & saying no — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Laura,
    I too am a person who others can count on to show up or call when I say I will. However, I do move through my days more intuitively than not.

    It sounds like your Intuitive hit not to communicate with this person was right on. And she proved that to you didn’t she?

    I know it’s difficult when someone doesn’t get your goodness. Remain true to yourself and know that there are many many people who believe in you!

    Love and inspiration,

    • Give thanks for your beautiful reflection and support Rachel 🙂 It’s all grist for the mill of transformation as my twin SiSTAR Sarah would say 🙂

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