Be Peace to Experience Peace

Ever have those moments where you just know you’re out of alignment with your ‘North Star,’ your values and you feel totally “out of sync” with yourself and life?

I’ve been feeling this way, navigating some shadow energy, that yuck in the muck energy i’d like to believe no longer exists in the cracks and crevices of my inner being.  But alas, I am a human being in process and thus, I decided it was time to take a look at ME in order to gain awareness around what’s been happening in my relationships with others. I chose to ask a powerful question: How have I been showing up to create experiences that are challenging, uncomfortable and out of alignment with my commitment to BE Peace, co~create Peace and experience Peace in the world?

As I sweat and meditated in a Bikram yoga class on Sunday morning I realized that I have been taking things personally, buying into the old ‘i’m bad, i’m wrong’ stories, doubting myself, feeling insecure and being super defensive in my communication with a few people whom I love very much and are very close to me. Then I had an AHA moment! Check out my vlog below to hear about the clarity that came through!

Looking forward to hearing from you and reading and responding to your comments! You can also tweet me at @uplift2uplevel, which is the twitter “home” for Flourishing Now. Give thanks!!

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