My Perspective from Sage Lavine's Spiritual Wealth Retreat

On April 12th I recorded this live and direct from Sage Lavine’s Spiritual Wealth Retreat at Asilomar retreat center near Monterey California. I joined a small team to support Sage with this event that served over 140 women to step up and into their power and potentials in business and life. Wow… what a weekend filled with transformation, clarity and saying YES to that which we truly desire to experience and contribute in this world!

I even had the opportunity to sing my new song ‘Get UP’ from the stage.. it was a dream come TRUE! Or perhaps, thinking about something that Reverend Deborah Johnson said from stage, I came true for my dream 🙂 Here’s her quote, ‘Your dreams are waiting for you to come true.’ Oh, YEA Rev D!

To learn more about what we were doing at the ocean that windy Friday, check out my vlog below.


In light of recent events in our world, looking back it was a tremendous blessing to be there and experience the raw elements of mother earth in such a sacred container. Totally transformational for the mind, body and soul.

Now, here’s where i’d love to hear from you! What is one thing that you’re ready to release so that you can step into the transformation and contribution that you be in the world?

What is one action that you can take NOW to let it go? 

Leave a comment below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to reading and connecting with you!


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