Yesterday the life of my dreams felt so far away..

I had a super uncomfortable day yesterday..  the life of my dreams felt like it was light years away

I found myself comparing, wishing, wanting what others have

I found myself weeping, angry and uninspired.. caught up in the spiral of emotions flooding my being

Then I reached out to a friend.. took a walk.  sat under a tree in a park where kids were playing and mothers were meeting.

I remembered that I am living on my growing edge.. purposefully taking leaps that I would not have taken before.. consciously and sometimes not so consciously pushing myself into areas of deep discomfort in my own attempt to stretch and grow.. to develop new ways and new capacities for being in my life and in this world.

It all serves a purpose if you let it.. doesn’t it?!

And at the end of this challenging, uncomfortable, emotional day I decided to think of some of the ways that my dream life is present here and NOW.  Here’s what I came up with:

1. Meaningful friendships, connections and relationships with incredible people all over the world

2. Quality time with my amazing daughter whether we’re chillin at home or globe trotting.. it is an honor to share my life with this incredible young woman

3. Being an uplift, inspiration and light bringer to others and in this world

4. Being acknowledged and recognized by family, friends and peers

5. Invitations to attend different shows and events VIP style baby!

6. Living in a beautiful home with a private yard and a pool I can choose to relax at whenever I like

7. Being treated to delicious meals at beautiful restaurants

8. Running into friends in random places who thank me for showing up and being an inspiration to them via blog posts, facebook posts etc.

9. I have great health and love of self

10. I am loved by many

How I experience it, feeling and allowing the discomfort to be present is an important part of the journey.  And it always amazes me how shifting into celebration and gratitude can truly create an uplift in my experience. 

I’d love to hear about how you deal with the challenges of life and discomfort you experience from time to time.  Please share your tools and tips with the community here.  I look forward to responding to your comments 🙂

Giving thanks for all of life in it’s totality.. the comfortable, the uncomfortable and everything in the spaces between!


Yesterday the life of my dreams felt so far away.. — 2 Comments

  1. I love you! You are so strong and are on the path! I find that as I love myself more, I spend less time in that uncomfortable place of comparison and hop quicker to a place of gratitude. It is way too easy for me to get trapped in self pity focusing on what I don’t have when in truth – I have so much. It is just the things that I have aren’t necessarily the list of what society says is acceptable or appropriate for my gender, age and abilities. If I keep waiting for those things to be happy, I will be wasting this beautiful gift that I am given every day. Keep up the good work goddess!!!

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