Year in review ~ 2011 ‘I am no longer a student learning.. I am a Master remembering..’ Nila Keith

2011 was an incredible year.. My journey took on a whole new meaning.. reached an entirely new level and my awareness and overstanding of life and the cause (me) and effect (life) became crystal clear.  The year started with the first Peace vigil I’ve ever coordinated in support of the Sudanese elections held this past January.

Here are some of the other highlights in the order they appeared in my life:

1. Collaboration between all 5 Haykel siblings to plan and coordinate a surprise birthday weekend for our Mom’s 75th.  It was the first time that we all worked together in this fashion.  What a wonderful experience to connect via conference call monthly or weekly and share ideas, inspiration and our talents to create a celebration fit for a Queen 🙂  It went off without a hitch!

2.  Took my daughter on her first International globe trot.. we journeyed to Senegal West Afrika, and it was the adventure of our lives thus far!!!  From Dakar to the Casamance and back.. sharing part of the trip with my friend and her children.  Kaya fully embraced Senegal.. she learned the language, engaged with the people and is truly a Cultural Ambassador.. this was absolutely a dream come true!!!

3.  Went to an Afrikan Dance conference.. allowed myself to be triggered by someone working there.. in response I chose to push her buttons.. in response she chose to physically assault me.. lesson learned?! Chaos can ensue when I show up in a ‘false center,’ ie. i’m unloveable, i’m not a part of.. When I show up in my truest nature fully aligned with my mature empowered self all of the highest unfoldings, love, peace and connection are possible!  This was a humbling experience.. I was embarrassed and learned much through this.  Mainly.. that I create my experience by what I think and how I show up in life.

During the spring I also went to Washington, D.C. for my first rally on Capital Hill in support of Planned Parenthood and women’s right to proper health care and birth control.  It was absolutely inspiring.  It felt amazing to make the empowered choice to take a day off of work and trek to D.C. with several other inspired activists from the Rochester & Syracuse NY areas.

4. My daughter and I moved out of the town we were living in which allowed for the agreement i’ve had with her Father to uplevel and bring more freedom and flexibility to our lives.  Something i’ve been dreaming of for years.. Kaya was the driver in this experience and I simply supported her in taking empowered action.

5. I went to Los Angeles to attend a live intensive, which was the culmination of a 9 month Feminine Power program that my sistar and I had been a part of since October 2010.  On the second day I stood up and shared in front of 160+ people that I was noticing there was something out of alignment with the programming and their course teachings.. I chose to shine a light on something that nobody was giving any voice to.  Some women were thankful and relieved that I said something, some women were fine with what was happening at that moment but not OK with the way the leadership responded to the concerns and needs I addressed, and some women were angry with me for ‘disrupting’ the vibe. Through this experience I learned how I can present a concern in a way that allows for an opening.. that allows for positive change.

6. My daughter won her first leading role in the musical ‘The Music Man.’  She did a phenomenal job!!!  She was also invited to audition for and accepted into a unique and intensive theater program locally!!!

7. My daughter started HIGH SCHOOL in a new area and a new school with so much confidence!  She is a continual source of inspiration for me!!

8. I took my first trip to the Cote d’Azur.. Monaco and Saint Tropez.  It was an incredible, challenging and inspiring trip.  I deepened a bond with a friend and colleague and allowed another relationship to show its true colors.. I held my head high.. put my game face on and did the work I was there to do regardless of what was happening.  It showed me much about my own strength and resilience while I also learned again about the kind of leader and business woman I am committed to being.  I also learned about the types of clients I want to represent 🙂

9. I made a tough decision to leave a client whom I hoped would be a long term client.. which created space for me to do something amazing which I’ve wanted to do for years..

10. I started my OWN BUSINESS: iFlourish Consulting!!

11. I faced many fears, many discomforts, many old stories and persevered through it all.. Some of the greatest things I remembered are to live a life of Humility & Vulnerability.. and to be of service to those around me and ultimately the whole.  To learn how to allow things to come to me.. and to be more fully in receiving mode.. to release my dreams as i’ve known them.. and allow the Universe to provide the life i’ve been dreaming of, and more, in ways that I can’t even imagine yet 🙂  T
o allow in more of what I want and that which I don’t even know I want yet..

12. I had a love affair with the sweetest most loving man.. it was just enough to confirm that true love connection honor and beauty exists for me in this world and in this life.. that I can be myself and someone can love me and embrace me fully for that.. priceless..

13. I made a networking faux pas.. swallowed my pride and learned again.. this great lesson of vulnerability and humility.. of allowing things to COME TO ME.  And… I had friends that cared enough to share with me their perspective so that I could learn and grow from this situation.. we all learned something through it 🙂 what a blessing!!

14. I had the most incredible holiday season.. spending quality time with dear friends and family.. recognizing how highly blessed I am to be surrounded and connected to so many special and incredibly blessed spirit souls in human form!!

A few other highlights.. I learned to take loving myself to higher levels and awake in the morning saying ‘I love you Laura.. I love you sooo much.’  I started a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course which is completely stretching and upleveling my thinking process as well as how I am showing up in life. I started reading ‘The Master Key,’ which is reminding me of so many things about how I literally create my life based on how I think and what is happening within me.  I fell in love from afar and have allowed it to ebb and flow, bringing it in and letting it go so many times over the past several months.  I’m learning to TRUST THE PROCESS!!  I now know that I am absolutely loveable and worthy of the greatest love, connection, freedom and bliss in a committed intimate partnership and on all levels that life can offer.. and I am stepping up, suiting up and showing up!!  Being of service to myself and those around me which I know is allowing for the flourishing of the whole.. My twin Sistar and I sat meditating as we welcomed in 2012.. what a way to begin this incredible year!!  Sarah and I are in the process of building upon ideas and inspiration we’ve had and will be creating a blog this month as the start of this co~creative collaboration!!  As I bring awareness to my thoughts I know that I am ready to play my biggest role in the healing of the nations and the upleveling of this collective transition into the new paradigm.  Giving thanks for all of this and more… Highly Bless!!!


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