Vacillating between the old and the new..

I am noticing how I have been vacillating between the old and new ways as of late.  January has been a very powerful and at times highly challenging month for me.  I have noticed that there are times when I am anchored into my empowered mature adult self and then there are the times when I am simply giving my power away.. easily, to anything or anyone that comes along.  I have been feeling especially challenged with parenting lately and notice that this old tendency to people please is disempowering my relationship with myself and my daughter. 

When I am anchored into people pleasing behavior I realize that I am not listening to or tuning into my own divine guidance.. I am choosing not to listen to my intuition.. and then things go ‘array’.. or at least that is how it seems.  I know that when I choose not to listen.. and when I am coming from a false center (people pleasing in order to feel worthy and of value), I create more challenges in my experience.  I know that within these challenges are tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation..  On the flip side, I am clear that when I choose to tune into and listen to my guidance and intuition and align with my empowered adult self, that my outer experience literally transforms, opens up and life unfolds in effortless, easeful, expansive and magical ways for me and those around me!  It is up to me to pay attention, tune in and listen! 


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  1. I'm going through the same push/pull between the new me and old me. I think it's perfectly normal, especially this time of year, to slip into old and comfortable routines, both emotionally and physically. It's good to know there are others out there struggling with the same thing. What are we going to do today to help curb this tendency? What are some techniques we can put in place so when the temptation to slip into our old selves rears its head, we can push it back?Thoughts?

  2. This is so beautiful, Laura! Thank you for being so courageous in sharing this with all of us! I agree with both you and Erik, that the month of January definitely brings us a sense of "new," while shedding the old. It's so empowering to hear you talk of following your intuition, your true center, and aligning with your power; while also acknowledging that there are times that we tend to "lose" our power by giving in to others around us for whatever reason it may be. Just being aware of it when it happens, I think is powerful in itself. You then get to recognize the behavior, and ultimately, start to find ways to incorporate a new behavior that aligns with your highest and best, instead of with what is best for others. I think all of us go through it, but maybe not all of us recognize it or work to turn the behavior around into the highest/best situation for ourselves. I think to help curb these old tendencies, alongside being aware of them happening, is to take some time to reflect upon the situation and brainstorm what to do for the next time a similar situation presents itself. Perhaps this will help us prepare and not be so blindsided when we unconsciously give our power away or make a fast decision in a split second, only realizing that you've given in or pleased someone else instead of ourselves. Maybe, too, having a forum like this, we can share more of our experiences, ideas, suggestions, etc., and act as a support system. As I'm writing this, I can think of a recent time when I have fallen into an old pattern. I'm still in the stage of coming up with solutions to not fall into it if the situation arises again. I think, too, setting the intention of acting more for our highest self and in our best interest will raise the vibration and help us draw a solution to us that will work best for us. Perhaps, too, (can you tell I'm thinking all of this out loud as I'm responding?!) when the situation arises again, simply say to the other person in a polite, yet serious tone, that, "ABC doesn't work for my highest and best in this situation, but XYZ does." Or some variation of this. But I think it's important to follow it up with a positive solution to be proactive in making the best decision for ourselves. The other person may start to take you seriously when they hear that tone of your voice, see your body language, etc. I think, too, having courage in that moment to state exactly what works for you and what doesn't, will be for a positive change, and will help you to feel (and remain) confident in what you believe. I can totally empathize with you that when you don't follow your gut or intuition, more struggles and challenges seem arise in the situation (and definitely serving as a learning experience!). Our inner guidance sure does have a way of knowing what is best for us, even when we refuse to believe it or aren't yet aware of it. I hope some of this serves to be helpful. Thank you again, Laura for sharing your post with us. And thank you to Erik for his response, as well. I love that we can open this up and build community for those who are experiencing similar things!!! Much love to the both of you!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Give thanks for showing up and reflecting Erik! I've been doing a morning call with my twin sistar every weekday to stay in alignment with what we are both committed to creating in our daily lives and in the bigger picture. Having this type of supportive co-creative partnership is key for me.. I went to such a challenged old place yesterday.. and she was there to hold space, reflect and assist me in empowering myself once again. I also have little reminders in my calendar.. uplifting quotes that I read at different times through the day or week.. I find this to be very helpful. Yesterday took some time to mix a batch of cookies when I would usually be working.. just to switch things up and change my state. A walk around the block can give some much needed relief as well. I remind myself more and more to release the need to 'push' anything.. instead, I know that I can give space to what is coming up and allow it to move through me or just simply be present.. and to do this, when possible, from an empowered place. Other times i'll reach out to one of my empowered co-creative confidants to gain perspective and get balanced.. or just sit, close my eyes and breath.. again, allowing the energy to move through me. Blessings on the journey Erik!! Keep in touch..

  4. Wow Kelly!! Give thanks for your sharing here!! It is a wonderful reminder… this is coming up for me so much these past several weeks. I am in the process of meditating on what I can do in the moment.. when I feel that old familiar and somewhat seductive way of being creeping up.. the one that only creates more chaos.. and one thing i've come up with is what you state above.. Choosing to say out loud that I notice the old way is pushing on me and that this old way doesn't work.. and that in the moment I am able to choose a NEW WAY of showing up in order to empower myself and allow for a generative unfolding in the present moment. What a journey we are on here in this life in these empowered times!! I am so thankful to be able to share here with you.. thank you for visiting my blog and posting your comments! Highly Bless!!

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