Talkin' the talk and not walkin' the walk? Get yourself an accountability partner!

I’ve been taking on many a new thing lately.  Building my first business.. laying the foundation for my second business, forming a Femme Entrepreneur group to support my fellow Evo~Biz co~creators locally, setting up speaking engagements and other events, taking empowered action every day as I choose to chart the path to bridging the gap between where i’ve been to where i’ve always known I am going.  I’m listening ever more closely to my inner guidance and stretching waaaay outside of my comfort zone on many levels.

In this process i’ve added many new tasks to my to-do list. Some of these tasks (like writing this blog) are things i’ve had to coerce myself into first believing that I am capable of doing and second, that what i’ll be writing will provide something of value to my tribe.  Having clarity on my short term goals and the smaller steps that will help me reach them is super important to me.  I realize how the discomfort starts to bubble up when i’m not clear on my next steps, especially on a Monday morning!!  Shit.. any morning for that matter!

Sometimes the next step is clarifying my vision, writing copy for my website or taking a walk to change things up.  Other times it can be to allow the funky energy of not knowing my next step to be present, allowing it flow and all the while staying open to receiving the next step from my own divine guidance.

A few years ago, I took a business coaching program with Ryan Eliason.  In this course he introduced the concept of of an accountability partner or ‘coaching buddy’ as he called it.  I didn’t really take action in regards to this concept until the last 6 months or so.  My twin siSTAR Sarah and I decided that we would talk for 20 minutes each weekday morning to share what we planned to do that day to keep us on track to building our greater life visions.  Then I reached out to two brilliant women in a business coaching program I am currently taking with Ryan and we’ve been meeting weekly for 1 hour.  In addition to that I meet for 1 hour with the amazingly awesome Karin Pinter.


Each of these co~creative partnerships offer a different piece to the puzzle.  My call with Sarah was more of a daily checkin.  It started to lose steam recently so we’ve decided to give it a break, however, it was an essential part of my suiting up and showing up daily over the past 6 months!  My relationship with Georgette & Adilah is both one of being accountable to ourselves in a safe and sacred circle as to our commitments around the biz coaching program and engaging in a process where we are sharing our specific gifts with each other in an effort to test out teleclass and group coaching ideas.  My weekly call with Karin is more of a evolutionary biz trade (i’m doing new biz development for her and she is building my website 🙂 and we also run NLP processes with each other to continue honing those skills and to work through our shit!!

Recently I decided to take this concept out into the community.  In March I started facilitating a circle of empowered women in Buffalo, NY to assist them in stepping into their greatest potentials.  The group gives these Warrior Goddesses (as we call ourselves) a space to be accountable for taking the next steps and empowered actions to create sustainable businesses doing the work they love while sharing their gifts with the community!

All of these experiences are assisting me in staying on track and in alignment with my commitment to co~creating my greatest life vision.  They also cause me to keep it real with myself because these ladies will definitely call me out when the rebel child in me starts to shout.  And to be clear… these calls are focused, we hold each other accountable with love and care and stand in a commitment to empower ourselves through these relationships.

If you have ideas, talents, dreams and goals and you’re just not taking the action to get it done… I highly recommend connecting with someone else in your life who you can co~create an empowered accountability partnership with.  To get you started plan to meet for 30 min-1 hour 1x per week.  Make this sacred time and stay focused on the task at hand… devising your plan to live the life of your dreams.  Here are some of the questions we ask each other:

~What would you like to celebrate?
~Did you accomplish the goals that you said you would during our last meeting?
~What actions had the most impact and worked the best for you over the last few weeks?
~What is one action you are committed to letting go of?
~What is one action that will empower me to do more of what I desire to be doing?
~What is one business and one personal goal that you would like to accomplish before our next meeting (make these attainable!)
~Who do I need to be to achieve my goals and reach my vision?

I will love to hear about your experiences working with an accountability partner.  Also, if you have any questions about this process please post them below and I will respond to your comments 🙂

As always, giving much thanks for sharing and connecting with you here!


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    • Awesome Ardella.. give thanks for stopping through and checking out my blog! What are you currently committed to transforming in your life? Where is your exploration taking you?

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