Self Responsibility: no blame-no shame. Who do I need to be to create a new experience?

self responsibility… taking one tiny step, acknowledging one shift, one choice, one balance or imbalance, to co~create an experience, whether enjoyable or deeply uncomfortable.
we all, in each moment, have a choice in how we show up, who we ‘be’ and what we say, how we react or how we hold and contain the part of us that wants to react.. from that old place, causing chaos instead of cohesion

we all have a choice

a choice to choose which path we will step on in any given moment

a choice of the thoughts that pass through our minds which create vibrations sent out through the wavelengths which in turn co~create either harmony & peace, discord & dis-ease or something in between

i’ve found it difficult in certain situations to be clear as to where my responsibility lay.  

Here are some of the questions I ask myself to further overstand how I can take responsibility:
at what point did I become triggered?
how did I show up?
who was I being?
what is the reflection here?
why am I feeling triggered by this?
what part did I play in co~creating a situation that creates separation instead of connection?

for so many years it seemed easier to put it on the other person, point my finger, to blame and shame

now I know there is no room for blame and shame.. for it has transformed into a practice of noticing, awareness & compassion, feeling into the first wave of reactivity and allowing it to clear and pass before taking any action.. what I experience in this life is truly up to me.  as soon as I give others the opportunity or the green light to control my experience I have disempowered myself.

it is not always comfortable to look at myself within the frame work of radical self responsibility, it can, at times, be quite uncomfortable.. however, it is courageous and one of the NEW ways that I am showing up in life to empower myself and expand my experiences.. it is a pathway to inner peace for outer peace and an empowered step to co~creating the experience of true oneness that I so deeply desire

I look forward to hearing about how you are showing up to co~create the experiences that you are having in life!?  What is one way that you can empower yourself today, to create a pathway to peace with yourself and others?



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