Same old same old? I don't think so.. It's time to CELEBRATE!! Focus on your accomplishments large and small!

Being an eternal optimist, i’m not sure why took me so long to hop on the celebration band wagon.  The more conscious i’ve become of my own thought patterns, I realize that while I’ve thought for many years that I am a ‘positive’ person and an optimistic thinker, i’ve been spending waaaay too much time focusing on what isn’t happening, didn’t get done or what I haven’t done yet.

Recently my twin sister and I have been exploring the world of celebration and i’ve got to say, it is completely expanding my experience in both my personal and professional life in the most incredible ways! 

I realize that when I focus first on what I want to celebrate about the moment, day, week, month I feel more peace, connection, fulfillment and that undeniable ‘oh YES, i’m totally rocking this’ feeling.

It is incredible to discover what new pathways open up when you begin with celebration.  It is so simple.. here are a few suggestions on where/how to begin:

~When you wake up in the morning think of one thing you’d like to celebrate from the day before (it can be 

a n y t h i n g that feels like an accomplishment large or small)

~Whenever you find yourself complaining or beating yourself up about something you didn’t do or worse, you totally dropped the ball and want to kick yourself for it.. you can immediately celebrate your humaness.. even though we are all rock stars at the core, we can’t all be on point all the time!  Celebrate giving yourself a brake and the space to be human 🙂

~When beginning a meeting or other gathering start with celebrations first.. this simple practice will get you into that yummy interconnected feeling good place.. this is a really awesome vibration to start any meeting or gathering with!

~Make a list at the end of the week of all of the things that you are celebrating from that week.. read your list before you go to bed at night and FEEL the yummy delicious feelings in your body that arise when you focus your attention on celebration!


I’d love to hear about what YOU are celebrating today, this week, this month, this year.  Share your celebrations, inspirations and let’s co~create an incredible celebrations list together! 


Here.. i’ll get us started.  I am celebrating scheduling 10 weeks of blog posts in advance and posting this 2nd blog post when I committed to posting it! 


Now, it’s your turn…



Same old same old? I don't think so.. It's time to CELEBRATE!! Focus on your accomplishments large and small! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow Susan!!! Give thanks for sharing so transparently here!!! Honoring your mindfulness in this situation, commitment to connecting with self, filling your heart with love for self no matter what and then moving forward to clarify what occurred from a truly courageous place! AWESOME!! Also.. love that you know you are not defined by your career. Check out this amazing Goddess Danielle Laporte.. she just came out with a book called Fire Starter Sessions and I know you’ll dig it!!

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