Risk taking and expanding into new possibilities

There are different types of risks that one can take on the daily
There are calculated risks, ego driven risks, exhilarating risks, absolutely stupid-self destructing risks, life expanding self affirming risks

I took a risk the other day
It was a calculated risk, perhaps a life expanding self affirming risk.. all in all a risk
There was potential money on the table
I spoke my truth about where I was at with the situation and what was being asked of me
I let it go, I was responded to favorably, then
I was asked to do what I didn’t feel prepared to do again
I felt annoyed, angry.. honestly, I had a pout on my face for a few minutes
Then I took a walk
I sat by a creek in the morning sunlight and listened to the birds, I watched them flying freely, and the fish swimming
And in that moment I expanded my capacity to step into something new
An idea came and I knew I was good
I knew exactly what I had to do

4 hours later I was sealing a deal with an exciting new client
It’s all about riding the wave
Listening, trusting, tuning in and expanding my capacity for something new

Allowing the discomfort of fear, risk, anger to guide me to peace, inner knowing, trust and faith resulting in victorious celebration

What types of risks are you being asked to take today to expand into new ways of being, new ways of showing up, new anything for your highest good?


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