Now I know.. my letter to a beloved

I cannot tell whether my visions of us coming together in this life will manifest.. I do know that evermore I am learning to fully trust the divine flow of life.. and overstand that at this time, for what I know to be the highest reasons.. we are not connecting in the way in which I most desire.  Every time it comes up and I choose to trust the process, I am empowered in ever deeper and more expansive ways.  And as I release any and all attachments, stories and drama that are no longer serving the highest and best of myself and all involved I feel freer and freer.. it is not about whether I am worthy of you.. as I know that I am and that you are.. it is simply and empowerfully trusting seen and unseen and allowing the highest unfolding to happen in divine time truly for the highest of the whole.  Giving thanks for this tremendous opportunity to deepen into self love, trust, listening to my inner guidance and that of the universe through those around me.  What an incredible journey… I truly now release any and all attachments that are no longer serving the highest and best of myself and the whole and any attachments to a specific outcome… I release this now and in all directions of space and time.. Knowing.. I remember.. I know my worth.. I love myself.. I am HERE FULLY and WHOLLY knowing my innate wholeness, completeness, beauty and light.. and the wealth of pure love and connection that exists in my beingness.. I no longer have the need to prove this to myself.. I now know.. I have walked through the door from the old story into the new… I am co~creatively birthing a new reality in each moment.. here and now.. I can feel my soul stir in new expansive ways.. I am truly alive connected and free.. giving thanks

This gorgeous piece of art ‘Goddess Light’ was created by ~ Helena Nelson-Reed


Now I know.. my letter to a beloved — 3 Comments

  1. Standing with you, dear Laura, in your vision of love fulfilled and in everything what you wish to create. Thanks for sharing what's in your heart. Love, Mary

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