Loving myself fully and wholly.. especially through the discomfort

I wake up to the world

I say to myself, to the world, to all that is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ as I give myself a long embrace

I tell myself ‘I love you Laura, I love you soooo much.  thank you, thank you for being here.’

when i’m sensing doubt, fear and disbelief in my own abilities to co~create the life and experiences I dream of and envision so clearly in my minds eye, I embrace myself.. I say ‘Laura, I hear that you are doubtful, that you feel fearful and that you are not believing in your abilities to do your life’s work.. I hear you, I see you and I am here WITH and FOR YOU.. you are so special, you are not alone, I am here, your feelings, needs and desires are important to me.. YOU are important to me’

I remind myself that it is easy to love myself fully and wholly, especially when I am feeling uncomfortable, unclear, unsure and doubtful.  I know that life is here, up underneath me, loving me and supporting me to make my greatest contributions for the flourishing of life everywhere.

What are some of your self care, self love practices?  How do you hold and contain yourself when life gets challenging, when you feel deep discomfort?

ImagePhoto courtesy of Blooming Humans 42 day Journey

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