Let's make it easy, the good juicy fulfilling in the flow in the know kind of easy

I notice words.. I listen to the words that I use and the words that other people use and believe that one of my greater purposes in this world is to bring wordly awareness to myself and others so that we cna transform our words to transform our lives and thus the collective experience.

..and words really spring forth from our thoughts and that is cause for another blog post entirely which will be entitled something like ‘What you think about and focus on becomes your reality.. Focus on what you want and witness your greatest life unfold before you..’ 🙂

I’ve been noticing how many people, even and perhaps especially those I respect in the evolutionary, transformation of self world, continually say that ‘it’s hard’ to choose uplifting thoughts, or to focus on the positive, or to let go of things that are weighing you down, or to let go of that grudge you’ve been holding onto for 15 years that is literally a cancer in your body.

The transformation that I am being called to share with you here is to shift this consciousness completely so that we are all talking about how EASY it is to let go, to trust, to allow the flow, to love ourselves unconditionally, to respect ourselves and others and take one step at a time as we co~create the life of our dreams while living our highest purpose and sharing our greatest light with the world.  It’s frickin’ EASY!!  Wooohooo!!

Now I am finding it really super hard to be doubtful, to hold grudges, to eat unhealthy food, to swear, to disrespect ourselves and others, to fight wars… because it’s become so easy to be our truest most amazingly brilliant beautiful selves.

Try it on for size… what is becoming easy for you in this time?  What do you desire to be easy for you?  Are you willing to trust and know that it CAN be EASY?  Trust me.. it can 😉


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