I get by with a little help from my assistant ~ Inviting in a support team & utilizing them!

I’ve always wanted an assistant..  I used to work with people who had personal assistants and dream of what it would be like to have my own.  It used to seem like a far reaching fantasy, that i’d have to make a ton of money to have an assistant or be someone who was viewed as ‘important’ and ‘successful’ to have this type of support.  To keep it real, I did not deem myself worthy of having an assistant until I reached some conceived notion of what I thought signified success along with a certain level of financial gain in my career.  

Recently I started to notice all of the time that was lost out of my day doing simple tasks.  I started opening up to having an assistant and what it would take to bring someone in.  I decided that I could take a leap of faith by attracting the right person in NOW, even though I’m in the early phase of building my business which includes getting my cash flow into the positive.  

I’ve got to admit.. it was scary for me.  It brought my ‘stuff’ up in a major way.  I worried about how i’d pay them, which tasks i’d have them do, if i’d be able to trust them to do the work ‘properly’ (translation = as good as I can do it 😉  

Here are some of the initial the steps that I took:

  • I anchored into the belief that I am, right now, a success and worthy of this type of support, and to be an even greater success I’d better start taking action in this area now!!
  • I created a list of the tasks that I could start to hand over to someone who was working with me in person or virtually
  • I wrote out an ad for craigslist which helped me further identify the areas that I need help with
  • I called local colleges and posted the internship position on their community forums
  • I started opening up to the reality of having an assistant and feeling into how good it will feel to have this support

A few days later, as my twin sister and I sat at a cafe talking about this particular topic, I clarified the type of person that I was attracting into my world.  I shared out loud that I wanted a young woman, early 20’s, finishing school or just post college graduation, smart, creative, motivated, personable, energetic and reliable with an ‘i’ve got this’ type of attitude.  I couldn’t help but think that someone in our vast network of friends and acquaintances must either know someone capable or would want to explore this opportunity themselves.

Literally 30 minutes later, I walked into an African dance class at the Slyboots school of music and art and met our girl!  She was telling me that she lives with International high school students as their house mom and I asked if any of them might be intern/assistant material.  She said “no way, you do not want to work with any of these girls!! why don’t you hire me?!”  

What happened next was interesting..  I had put in the work, gotten clarity, attracted in this phenomenal young woman who was eager to start working with me… and I froze.  I completely froze, I put it off, I made excuses, I felt scared, nervous, intimidated, worried etc..  I noticed this huge resistance to actually start working with her.

I allowed the resistance to be there and then finally, 3 weeks after our initial meeting, I scheduled a date for her to come to my office for our first work session.  Needless to say, it was AMAZING!!  After working alone from home for almost 6 years, it felt incredible to have an energetic, creative person to spend the afternoon working with.  I noticed how much my energy level and motivation increased by her presence.  We knocked out a few key things that i’d been wanting to do and had an incredibly productive time together!  AND it was FUN!!

The moral of the story is this.. Know your worth!!  What I learned through this process?  I am absolutely worthy to have all of the support that I need in order for my life to flourish abundantly!  When I clearly state to the universe what it is that I desire and stay open to receiving it and more, it shows up in synchronistic, easeful and effortless ways!  And finally.. when i’ve got the support.. recognize it and UTILIZE it!! 


I get by with a little help from my assistant ~ Inviting in a support team & utilizing them! — 2 Comments

  1. Love this post! Thank you! I especially love the way you outline the steps you took to clarify yourself and your search. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring!thanks for sharing. I always think I need a personal assistant, and this is great info for how to align with my needs, clarify, and let it happen. Keep up all the love & creativity!

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