Got the embarrassment bug? Face it, feel it and allow it to clear!

You know that icky yucky completely uncomfortable feeling you get when you’ve said something or done something out of alignment with your truest self?  When you’ve stepped outside of yourself and feel shameful about the effect it had on yourself and/or others?  When you’ve done something that you want to hide from to get away from the experience of it all… feeling that pang in your chest or gut, and at the same time you are running that experience through your mind over and over again rationalizing it, trying to make it better?

I’ve done many things in my life that have brought about this experience, as I’ve always had a habit of putting myself out there in plain sight for all to see.. the most vulnerable me!  Wearing my heart on my sleeve or allowing the rebel in me to show her face powerfully.  I have been quick with my tongue at times and am learning to pause BEFORE I speak.. to make sure that whatever is about to come out of my mouth is something I really want or need to say.. and also to be mindful of HOW I am saying it and whether it’s coming from a triggered place or a grounded expansive mature place within me.

I realize that when I have an experience like this there is a gem hidden within, an ‘Aha’ moment or an awakening buried underneath the deep discomfort that arises.  I am realizing that it is much more worthwhile to allow the discomfort to be there, to stop running the tape over and over again, and to allow whatever is desiring to be seen, heard and felt to actually be seen heard and felt.  It’s soooo simple!!!

Experiences that cause deep discomfort are yet another opportunity for us to go inside, breathe deeply and allow whatever layer of shit that is ready and willing to be cleared and released to clear fully.  Engaging in this process will create space for the new goodness available to us to come in, plant seeds and grow.  We can do this by allowing the feelings to be fully present and to face and have loving compassion for the most undesirable parts of ourselves.  By loving these parts of ourselves fully and wholly we lay the foundation for a completely new expansive and wonderful life experience!

What do you do when you’ve got the embarrassment bug?  How do you face it, feel it and clear it to create space for the new goodness awaiting you?

Looking forward to your comments and to responding to you!  #uplifttouplevel !!


Got the embarrassment bug? Face it, feel it and allow it to clear! — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, man, Laura – your timing is impeccable! My latest post is all about how I dealt with the embarrassment and conflict I felt around announcing a recent rates rise and giving something I quickly realised was an inauthentic reason for it.

    There’s a happy ending to the story though… once I’d faced the lack of authenticity and apologised to the people in question, it cleared the space for an exciting new way to live into my beliefs and values, and I don’t think I would have got to that if it hadn’t been for the embarrassment (and shame) to start with.

    Thanks for a great post!



    • Awesome Tanja!! This is such a human experience… we all go through this from time to time. I love how you faced it, got clear, made amends and as a result space opened up and new pathways were created to live more fully from your authentic true self.

      One big thing i’ve learned over the last 5 years is that feelings are feelings.. whether I deem them ‘good’ feelings or ‘bad/uncomfortable’ etc. The entire spectrum of emotions serves a purpose. By allowing the discomfort (shame, embarrassment, fear, anger) I have learned to love myself more fully and wholly and to align in empowered ways with my truest self.

      So thankful we are here navigating and journeying together!


  2. Great post, Laura! Funny how we so often feel like we need to respond to something when it hits a trigger, but when we manage to take a breath and consider whether it is something that will release love and acceptance, and then decide to stay silent, what a relief that is. I think this is related to listening actively to others, not formulating continually a response to what is coming in through our ears and eyes so that we are ready to speak within milliseconds of another finishing (or even interrupting to insert our “necessary” observation!

  3. Hi Laura,
    I love this post! This is a vitally import issue and lesson in the new energy of 2012 in The Fifth World of Peace. In the Fourth World of Separation, the old time we just left, fear or irrational fear ran rampart causing us to act in inauthentic ways. We were fixated on being “perfect” causing egos to be imbalanced. We lived in separation–people and actions were either good or bad, black or white, sacred or secular. That thinking was delusional thinking. When we are connected with spirit and our authentic selves we realize that everything is sacred. So the times we have acted too quickly and harshly causes us pain.Suffering is playing that tape over and over again’ That kind of suffering is needless and only gets in our way. Pain is a messenger–what is the message? But to understand that concept we have to be connected to our feelings and emotions. The new energy is calling forth the empath. We are all empaths and the world needs us now more than ever. For centuries, being torn from our Divine Mother and the sacred feminine, we were taught and even rewarded for placing mind over everything. The mind became imbalanced and the chattering egoic mind ran rampant. We were taught that feelings and emotions were weak and because women are empaths we were weak. We were taught to be ashamed of our authentic selves and our gifts, our intuitive, instinctual natures were not valued.

    I. too, am in the process of learning to think before speaking. I was so very blessed to have amazing spiritual teachers, the Apache Holy One and Prophecy Keeper of Turtle Island, Maria Yraceburu, and some amazing Kahuna women in Hawaii and Mara Freeman a Celtic Druid Arch-Priestess and teacher of the Avalon Mystery school from Wales.

    Words are powerful so use them with care. “First there was the word and the word was of God” (from John in the Christian Bible and teachings of the Mystical Kabala). Words are so powerful that we can create a world of love and peace or a world of suffering with them. It’s been a huge challenge for me as my ancestors are celtic druids and the women are strong and feisty and quick to act in the defense of their loved ones.

    I have seen a miraculous change in my world and my manifestation when I have held my words—that pause before you speak. In the new time of 2012 I have seen and experienced first hand the havoc and destruction I create with my reckless and angry words. Yesterday I was walking to meet my daughter and I was furious at the uncaring and unsupportive way her father is treating her. My anger, of course, comes from the pain my daughter is experiencing. In an instant I attracted the attention, actions and words of individuals who were out of balance. They yelled at me cursing me and gave me profane signs with their hands. I changed my energy immediately and I attracted people who smiled and sent blessings my way. The treasure, of course, is the lesson I learn from that incident.

    Thank you Laura for your courage to share yourself with others. A wonderful example of the teacher as a student and the student becoming the teacher.
    Peace & Prosperity
    Kym Sawtelle Castuera
    Psychic Medium Empath

    • WOWOWOWEEEEWOW KYM!! Just finally reading this in a peaceful place and absorbing the great wisdom and amazing energy coming through the words on this computer screen. Mucho Mahalo, Nyaweh, Namaste & Merci Beaucoup Empress! I am honored to have you visit this space, share such empowered wisdom and reflections and to be journeying in this life with such incredible masters and teachers.

      Love & Light,


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