Crossing the threshold to a new experience

I’ve crossed a threshold at some point over the last few months.  I’m seeing, experiencing and being in life in new ways and notice how my perspective is shifting and expanding.  I’m starting to realize just how far i’ve come over the last 15 years.  And all of the incredible awesomely amazing things i’ve done and experienced.  All of the heartbreaks and challenges i’ve walked through and birthed anew from.  And how every small step i’ve taken, has brought me to this very exciting, renewed, expansive, open to receive, love more of who I truly be in this world place.

I came across someone online today who, from what I can tell, is living life to the fullest.  They are young, smart, beautiful, savvy, connected, well traveled and brilliant.  In the past when i’d meet someone like this or come across them online I would feel as though they had something that I didn’t. I chose to compare and that created an illusion of separation.  As if I lacked something within me and didn’t quite measure up to their degree of cool or successful.  Comparing myself to others used to be a huge distraction and energy drain for me (sometimes it still is).

As I felt that old energy starting to creep up in me, I noticed it and remembered that there is, in fact, no separation.  And voila! The energy shifted in that moment of awareness.  All of a sudden I felt this light clear energy come through my heart space and I felt connection.  I realized what was happening is that I actually admired what I saw, I could relate to the energy of it, and that ultra confidence and self assurance that someone can have being who they be in this world, I realized it is also within me to.  I too, am living life to the fullest..
What is an old familiar experience that has showed up in a new way lately?  Or, what is an old familiar experience you’re ready to relate to in new ways?
So thankful to share and connect with you here..


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