As I remember to love every part of myself fully and wholly..

We all have aspects of ourselves that are easy to love, as well as aspects of ourselves that are, well, more difficult or challenging to love.  We may actually despise parts of ourselves that have created or continue to create unwanted or uncomfortable experiences for ourselves and others.

I learned from a very young age that there were parts of myself that were acceptable to others and parts that were unacceptable.  I was taught to be more like this person, to be less aggressive and more easygoing, that I was too angry and overbearing, that I needed to change my personality to suit the needs of others and more importantly to be accepted and welcomed by others.  I learned that there were parts of myself that I should ignore, cover, resist and hide.  Thus, I learned to put the needs of others before myself, and to abandon the parts of myself that needed the most love, light and space to move about, be seen and acknowledged.

It is with much thanksgiving that I am remembering now, as a mature woman and mother, how empowering it is to love every single part of myself fully and wholly.  As I am evolving beyond patterns of the past and coming more fully into alignment with my truest nature, I am clear that by giving space to the parts of myself which I find more difficult to love, allowing these parts to be present, to be heard, allowing the uncomfortable feelings associated with these parts of myself to move around and clear, and to have loving compassion and forgiveness for myself… That here lies the golden key to loving and accepting myself unconditionally and thus stepping more fully into my new expansive life story and the experience of my dreams.

What are the parts of yourself that you want to give some more love to?  The scary, shadowy parts?  The frightened little child inside?  The adventurous and rebellious teenager?  How can you move into a more whole and complete unconditional love of YOU?  Please comment below!

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