Allowing the messiness of life to flow..



I dropped my phone today… i’ve dropped my phone on many other occasions before however, this time it was different… because it dropped 3 feet, face down flat onto the concrete floor in my parents basement.  Instead of going into what used to be the usual tirade of goda**it, sh*t, f*ck, motherf*ker… why me, what’s this going to cost, now its not nice and shiny and new looking anymore, how will this change my daily flow with this phone I use so often to organize my busy life, will I get a glass splinter in my finger now with all that swiping i’m doing?!  

I stopped.. I took a few breaths.. I recognized this as another opportunity to easefully allow the messiness of life that happens from time to time to flow in and out.  This area has been a major sore spot for me in the past… like the time someone backed into the passenger side door of my new car and never bothered to leave a little ‘whoops I hit your car.. here’s my number’ note.  I remember how I allowed the bump in my car door to bruise my soul… to shake my pride and cause me to feel smaller than before.  

Today I know that I get to experience this discomfort in anyway that I choose.  So i’m choosing to be kind, loving and compassionate with the part of me that wants to ‘fix’ it.. to let it go and let it flow.  Tuning into my gratitude meter.. I realize once again how highly blessed I am to have a choice, to have this phone and to live this life.

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